People over Politics

Because no one’s agenda should run your life. I believe in:

  • Parental educational choice & transparency
  • Holding criminals accountable
  • Repealing tax hikes & reducing burdensome regulations on our small business

My Priorities


No politician’s agenda should control your life – including mine. And that’s why, in education, your child’s success is my only agenda. I love my beliefs, but they don’t belong in your kid’s curriculum.

Guiding your kid’s values? That’s your job. Ensuring education tax dollars produce the best skills for your child? That’s my job!

Affordability & Economy

You deserve an economy people run to, not from. Have you ever noticed that people run from socialist nations to America, from blue states to red, and from urban areas to suburban and rural ones? The “Polis Tax” is here and it’s real – Colorado’s inflation rate is one of the highest in the nation, you deserve better!


Crime rates are rising too fast in Colorado – and it has to stop. We have to treat criminals like criminals, and law-abiding citizens like gold. That’s right – you’re gold. You shouldn’t have to beg for well-funded cops and safe streets. Your taxes pay for safety!

I will promote a budget that prioritizes public safety over politicians’ pet projects. “Defund the Police” activists want you to forget what they did to your cities. Don’t!

Covid Mandates

Don’t forget! During Covid, states without lockdowns had happy businesses, open schools, and infection rates similar to lockdown states. The places that allowed citizens and businesses to assess, manage, and decide for themselves how much risk was acceptable maintained thriving schools and businesses.

None of them would trade places with Colorado and California, where politicians ignored data and delayed freedoms. Remember what that did to kids, businesses, and churches – everyone. Colorado’s leaders want you to forget. Don’t. Because it will happen again… if we elect them again!

I am concerned for the next generation of Coloradans. With an increased cost of living, a skyrocketing crime rate, and an education system that has failed our students, Colorado Republicans make this Commitment.

About Lynn

Meet Lynn:

I am so blessed to live in Arvada and I am running to represent the Colorado within the State House for State Representative in HD27.  I have been married almost 8 years and have 3 small children – raising them will be my greatest achievement and I will fight for them every single day.  I will raise them to be the people God created them to be and stand in their convictions every single day.   I am heavily involved in non-profits, recently co-founded a local school and have worked as a Sonographer for the past 15 years.

I am running because I represent the average parent, grandparent, and citizen within Golden and Arvada. I will always fight for people over politics – because no one’s agenda should run your life. I will bring balance back to Colorado. I love Colorado and it is worth fighting for! 

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